Dpp not to blame for haneef treatment

Dpp not to blame for haneef treatment. It was just a kid and the haneefs were trying to help him. No, no, haneefs are bad and they deserve to be punished… You know, I think the judge should really go into detail on why he couldn’t take haneef from the kids who didn’t know what to do. Because, they didn’t know anything…I mean, there were just too many people, they weren’t organized. No, the law can’t be changed, no, there must be something that can be done, so they should punish them, if that’s the only way to do it. But this is too bad because the judge really has to do his homework.

I did the same when I was a student at the university where I took Haneef. I did my studies. I looked around and found other people who had come before me. And the teachers said, we will pay, we will give the kids this. And this is, it is so sad, that’s how the world is. It is. But I was like, I’m not a judge here. I did what I felt was right. And it seems like they have forgotten that. But I would never blame the people who took the children from the children. It could바카라 have been anyone.

Now that I think about it, when you put your hands on someone, you have to pay them back. And he did nothing wrong. And I think the kids will remember their school. There is something better for him to do. And I don’t want to see him in another hospital. I wish they would change the law, but I think it should be that he is kept away from children. It’s just, and I know some of you, the people that are defending him have to listen to a psychiatrist. If he really has brain injury, he will need to be examined. That is a very good thing. There is nothing wrong with having that done.

So, this guy has nothing to do with kids, he’s just another sick, evil person. All the children and their parents should know that Haneef is not involved in anything bad. The Hanes and their family shoujarvees.comld be very glad that the judge took the initiative. Because if he’s left alone he will grow a real nose. I do not blame the judge for that. They were just trying to help their guy.
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